Silicone Grease-Airguns

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Product Silicone Grease
Resistance Resistance to Extreme high & Low Temperatures & Shear& Corrosion
Usage Type All Airguns & PCP Air Rifles
Quantity Approx.100 Grams
Stability Water Resistant & chemically Stable
Surface Tension Low Surface Tension & Excellent Lubrication


Our Specialty Silicone Grease is a strongly adhesive, non-toxic and non-melting lubricating grease that is resistant to solvents. Ideal for plastic to plastic, rubber to rubber, rubber to plastic, plastic to metal, rubber to metal compatibility, our silicon grease is an appropriate choice of grease for lubrication in valves used in chemical industries, hot and cold water lines, O-rings, packing’s and rubber assemblies.Its best for synthetic o-rings,oil seals,piston seals and silicone washers of Air Rifles and PCP airguns.

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